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good morning, i'm pat watson. thursday, july 7th, 2011. we begin this morning -- we start with the sentencing of casey anthony. headed back to jail at least for now. the judge sentenced her to four years in jail. received one year for -- credit
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for time already served. the judge said her lies held up the search for her daughter. she showed no emotion as the judge handed down her sentence today. >> i will sentence you to one near in an orange county jail imposing a $1,000 fine on each count, all four counts, to run in consecutive to each other. >> as the judge handed down the sentence, a large crowd gathered again outside the orange county courthouse in orlando. protesters held signs up as they chanted caylee's name. many demanded the judge give casey anthony the maximum
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senten sentence, which he did. meanwhile, cindy anthony could soon face perjury charges. during the trial, she testified she was the one who searched chloroform on the house computer, but prosecutors say cindy anthony was at work during that time. this morning on the "today" show, her lawyer said he's prepared to fight a case if necessary. >> i'm a worst case scenario type of attorney. we're prepared if they decide to charge her to defend it vigorously. it's my belief that it would cause a lot of additional issues that nobody certainly wants to face and this family's been through enough. if the state deems it necessary to file, then certainly we'll be there, but i'm hoping and praying they don't do it. >> prosecutors have not said publicly whether they plan to file charges against cindy anthony. meanwhile, police in orlando are investigating death threats on
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casey anthony's parents. investigators would not say how many threats the family has gotten. also in court this morning, former baseball star, roger clemens. the former cy young award winner is accused of lying about his use of performance enhancing drugs. his former trainer told authorities he personally injected clemens with steroids and human growth hormone. there were some big names on the possibly witness list including barry bonds and mark mcguire and clemens' manager and joy torre. right now, jury selection continues. potential jurors are being asked about their knowledge of the witness. the judge in this case is hoping to have a jury selected today. right now, president obama is pressing consciousal leaders to bend in their debt negotiations. the president is meeting with
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top leaders of both parties at the white house this hour. according to "the washington post," he'll propose democrats accept major changes to social security and medicare. in change, the president will ask republicans to move off their no new taxes position. eric cantor says he's willing to trade some loopholes for other compromises. >> president insinuated that is a priority for him to plug the corporate jet loophole and i said, fine, plug the loophole, just make sure there's off setting texse setting tax cuts somewhere else. >> president obama is also pushing congress to reach a deal within two weeks to raise the nation's borrowing limit. right now, the deadline is august 2nd. turning to the weather here in the washington area, it is sunny and warm, but let's find out what the rest of the day holds in store. >> hot sun in the summertime and the heat is on.
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we've got hazy sunshine, temperatures have hit the mid and upper 80s throughout much of the region. 86 at reagan national and that's one of the cooler spots. there's a bit of a wind off the cooler waters of the potomac. we'll be hitting near 90 degrees within the hour. we have high humidity in place as well. a steamy day underway. we have a weak front that is going to be stalled out over the region by this afternoon through tonight and tomorrow. that will be the focal point for some storms to develop, but right now, we just have hazy sunshine after a bit of a foggy morning. into the afternoon, we'll have clouds beginning to build and thunderstorms likely developing by late afternoon, perhaps around 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. we'll have scattered storms developing, but before then, it should climb into the low to mid-90s, may feel near 100 when you factor in the humidity by
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mid afternoon. then we have a possibility of some scattered storms this evening. some could produce heavy downpours and some of those could produce some brief, localized flooding. that will be occurring mainly tonight and perhaps tomorrow. we'll look at tomorrow and changes on the way for the weekend. a look into next week as well. that will be in just a couple of minutes. pat? >> thanks, tom. there was a deadly pedestrian accident this morning near landover road about 5:30. by the time police got to the scene, the victim was unconscious. he died from her injuries. the driver did stay on the scene. no charges have been filed. you may want to steer clear of one major thoroughfare in southeast washington for the next couple of days. branch avenue is closed at pennsylvania avenue so crews can rebuild that road. megan is live on the scene in
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southeast with more on what consumers can expect. >> reporter: you can bet it isn't going to be good. take a look behind me. all the construction active we have here. this is on pennsylvania avenue. this is on ongoing project, but it's now going to move a little further up the street here to the intersection of branch avenue and pennsylvania avenue. now, the lanes on pennsylvania avenue will not be affected, but what will happen, in fact, it's already happened. they've shut down branch avenue on both sides of pennsylvania avenue. that's going to create a big traffic tie-up for folks and it's going to be this way for the next four days. the sound of construction equipment has become all too familiar on pennsylvania avenue in southeast. and as the improvement project enters a new phase, there is a new headache. branch avenue will close on both sides of pennsylvania avenue. if you're trying to cross pennsylvania from branch, you
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can't do it. want to turn at the intersection? you can't do that either. >> it's going to cause a big problem and ill be late to work and dropping my kids off. >> wish they would get this intersection cleaned up. makes me feel like my car is going to fall apart. >> reporter: the closure kicked in in morning and will remain in effect until 5:00 a.m. monday. blocked will be about 100 feet of road on either side of pennsylvania avenue. traffic is expected to be bad. if you've got another way to get around, you'll want to do that, at least for the next few days. and you can see there at the intersection at branch avenue there, there is no traffic at all. that's because they have it blocked off further off upstream. they're not allowing any cars down for about a 100 foot section of branch. should mention that the plan is to have everything back open by 5:00 a.m. monday morning, so in time for the morning rush hour if they are able to finish the work early though, they say they
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will reopen sooner. pat, back to you. >> thanks. d.c. council member harry thomas is not commenting today about some questionable charges on a debit card in the name of a non-profit organization that he runs. the washington city papers just published the charges in the name of team thomas. the group is supposed to introduce underprivileged kids to sports. those charges were made between 2007 and 2009. they include $143 at hooters, $278 at jimmy buffetts margaritaville in myrtle beach. $600 at a hotel in little rock, arkansas and 160 bucks at a steak house in little rock. this comes on the heels of herb nathan's civil lawsuit which claims thomas used $300,000 in city money for personal expenses. thomas denies the accusations, but has stepped down pending an
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investigation. one of thomas's colleagues will face some tough questioning at a hearing taking place right now. the d.c. board of elections and ethics is holding the hearing and qualm brown's campaign financing. brown's campaign committee is accused of failing to report more than $100,000 in contributions and nearly $350,000 in expenditures. the ethics board can fine brown or refer the matter to the u.s. attorney's office for possible criminal charges. tibet's spiritual leader is meeting with some top u.s. lawmakers. he is in town hosting an 11-day session of prayer and peace festival at the verizon center. he's scheduled to meet with house speaker john boehner and house democratic minority leader, nancy pelosi. the white house declined to comment on whether president obama will meet with his holiness.
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coming up, as many as 1 million people are headed to florida to watch the last shuttle launch. we'll tell you what forecasters are now saying about the chances of bad weather. and time is limited, but prices low. air fare deals
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a court ruling in california
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may end don't ask don't tell. the federal appeals court in san francisco issued an order saying the military can no longer enforce the policy that bans gays and lesbians from serving openly. congress has already voted to repeal don't ask don't tell. people we spoke to say they're glad the policy's ending. >> i personally feel your sexuality has nothing to do with your capabilities of fighting in the military. i think it's great. >> has nothing to do with you being in the military. your decision to serve, so if you want to serve and it's how you feel, i'm all for it. >> a justice department spokesperson says it's reviewing the ruling. she refused to say whether the department will repeal. a helicopter crash in california killed a marine and injured five others. it happened about 50 miles north of san diego at camp pendleton. the chopper was in a remote area where marines usually conduct training exercises.
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five injured marines were taken to the hospital and are recovering from their injuries. officials are investigating. nasa's final space shuttle mission may have to be pushed back because of bad weather. the final launch of the 30-year shuttle program is scheduled to take place tomorrow. right now, there's no hail or other severe weather in the forecast there. mission managers say the weather would have to get a lot worse for them to call off the launch all together. up to 1 million people are expected to jam cape canaveral for the lawn. . nasa says if "atlantis" isn't flying by sunday, they'll have the delay the launch until july 16th, which would dispoint a lot of folks going tomorrow. >> it's not looking good. >> they can't launch if it's too bad, but we'll see what happens tomorrow. meanwhile -- >> if they are though, just in the vicinity and it's clear and
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no storms over the launch pad, they should be able to launch it and we'll be keeping an eye on it, but right now, we are dealing with a lot of humidity. if you've stepped out, you've noticed it. it's like stepping into a steam bath and this morning, there are a channel 4 towers here in upper northwest washington. i took this photo of our towers, they were poking up into the fog this morning. that platform you see there is where our sky watcher camera is mounted. the towers are about 700 feet tall and there's the view right now. it's pointed toward downtown washington, which is kind of disappearing in the summer haze in the distance. you can see the national cathedral there and we have the high humidity with us. reagan national is at 87. dew point is a steamy 71 and the wind rs calm and we are going to have this steam heat with us throughout the rest of the afternoon. right now, around the region, we're well into the 80s, pushing 90 degrees. much of the region in maryland
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and virginia right near the bay, wind off the water, 82. ocean city's at 86. a breeze coming off the ocean there keeping it a bit cooler and the temperatures elsewhere out of the mountains, a bit cooler. much of west virginia in the upper 70s, while southeastern virginia around the bay, into the 80s now and it is steamy all over the region. we have a weak front that's sort of stalled out now and that will likely be the focal point for some showers and storms. in addition to a disturbance coming into the midwest, that has been producing some showers and storms across kansas and nebraska, now coming into missouri. that's going to be tracking our way here. as it moves through later today, that's when we'll like lick have showers and storms coming in. especially this evening. and the areas of color, where we could get showers and storms. tomorrow, we're going to be cloudy. the front will still be draped over us.
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as a result, we'll have scattered showers, thunder and lightening. eventually, this front is going to sag to the south. that would allow us to get into some more comfortable weather toward the weekend with lower humidity and somewhat cooler temperatures. but for the rest of this thursday afternoon, good idea to stay in the ac if you can because it is going to be uncomfortably hot and humid. we'll be reaching the low to mid 90s by mid afternoon then by evening, we'll likely have scattered thunderstorms developing. some storms may produce brief, heavy downpours. enough maybe for some brief ponding of water on roadways and maybe small creeks coming out of their banks. tonight until after midnight is when we have the possibility. 80s early evening and by midnight, into the upper 70s. by dawn on friday, low 70s and a
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cloudy day tomorrow. some occasional showers in the morning, then some heavier downpours perhaps in the evening with thunder and lightening. again, perhaps some flooding tomorrow. only a slight risk of wind damage tomorrow. then saturday and sunday, a bit less humid each day with the sunshine coming back. good weekend coming up for outdoor fun. more humid first part of next week. might get some storms on tuesday, then a break from the humiditity on wednesday and thursday. >> we're enjoying summer. aren't you? >> i love it. >> thanks, tom. still ahead, it's that time of year again. call them brave or you can call them crazy, if you like. they're back on the streets of pamp leonahona. and getting most out of your workout. how to work your body. the whole body, in just a few short minutes, but first, here's a look at what's hot on it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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for summer. the first thing we know we're supposed to do is warm up. >> yes. i'm going to give you a two in one cardio blast. this one, go down to the floor, palms and you bring your feet up. do ten of those and without stopping, run in place ten seconds. do two sets of those to warm up. but you can do those all through the workout. >> normally, they say warm up like 20 minutes or so. no? >> no, no. this is maximum explosion, so doing this at that time, you do two sets, you'll feel like you've been warming up for 30 minutes. >> so warm you right up. first exercise is a triple burn. that sounds painful. >> triple burn, we're going to work quads, by septembers and shoulders. >> i'm not dressed. sorry. >> here, squat down. curl it and push it up and turn
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is. as you notice when i turned it, when you turn it, you're working the forearms, triceps and through here. >> it's all in the turning. >> do three set of ten reps. >> now, tell me about this other combination, the lunlg and pull. >> oh, i love this. working quads, hips and the upper part of the shoulder and the core. step forward here, lunge, come back, take the weight, pull it up. step down up and pull. >> you know, this is really not fair. because you make it look so easy. it isn't that easy. can't be. >> it's the matter of intensity. you know exercise is 75% mental, so if you say i can doit, it's going to be fun and you're going to get incredible results. you can do it at home, your office, on vacation. you don't need heavy weights. >> and you said seven minutes. >> seven to ten minutes.
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ten minutes. ten minutes. >> give me 12. all right. the point is, it's a fast workout. it's an sbrens workout. >> and effective. you can do it three times a day. >> does it primarily work the major muscle groups? >> yes, it does. especially gets the core, but all those muscle groups that gravity pulls forward on, it allows the body to erect itself. stops us from bending over. >> you got 30 seconds to do the whole routine. >> get a load of this. run in place. >> work it. >> i got you. step, back, up. was that your 30 seconds? >> and you're done.
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>> i'm done. >> give me a nutrition tip for the day. >> this is important to everyone. when eating out, make sure that your meats are cooked and your salads are cold because food poisoning is dangerous especially this time of year. >> next time i wear my shorts. thanks, steve hayes. all right, coming up in the next half hour, "news 4 midday," will casey anthony be able to cash in on her fame? plus, the new security warning at airports. the bomb terrorists are working on. we'll tell you what they're working on that could get through security. and what yellow stone park is doing to keep visitors safe after a deadly bear attack. and tom is back with more on the risk for storms tonight. stay with us.
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and with that, casey anthony headed back to jail, but she could be out of jail by the end of the summer. a judge sentenced her to four years in jail for lying to investigators, however, anthony is getting credit for time already served. a jury acquitted anthony in the murder and child abuse charges in the death of her daughter, caylee. now that she has been found not guilty, many want to hear more
11:30 am
about her story and that could come in the form of a book deal or movie wrights. we look at the money making opportunity for casey anthony. >> caylee marie? >> reporter: casey anthony went from obscure young mother raising a little girl -- >> will the defendant rise along with council? >> reporter: to an accused murder, instantly recognized worldwide. now, the dramatic murder trial has come to a close and many are asking if casey will cash in on her newfound fame. >> a child has been killed. it's not a good idea. >> would i buy the book? no way. others? yes. >> reporter: whatever casey anthony decides, there's money to be made. >> there's going to be a bidding war. i'd say 750 -- maybe a million dollars. >> reporter: casey anthony's
11:31 am
acquittal is being called the biggest courtroom shocker since o.j. simpson. after he walked free, he wrote a book. could casey anthony do the same. >> everyone wants to know what happened. everyone wants to hear from her and if she confesses, there's nothing the system can do. it's double jeopardy. it's over. >> reporter: while she was in jail, casey gave a hint of what she might do after the trial. she wrote hundreds of pages of letters to a jailhouse friend, fellow inmate, robin adams. in one letter, she wrote, i always wanted to adopt a baby or child from another country. also, let's make a deal. we get pregnant together. in another letter, she wrote, i need a vacation. i was thinking costa rica. she even wrote about being famous, saying men call her hot and sexy. gag me, she wrote. is this what celebrities have to
11:32 am
deal with? right now, some say casey anthony's more of a villain than a starlet in the public eye. where she goes from here is all up her. >> we just have to be disgusted, interested, curious about you. she doesn't have to be liked or sympathetic to make money. >> casey anthony also said in this letters that she wanted a get a makeover and change her hair color to blond or red. the new york d.a. has denied a request for a special prosecutor in the dominique strauss-kahn sexual assault case. a lawyer for the maid at the center of the case made the request because he believes the d.a.'s office is behind media reports. sources say the 32-year-old woman referred to strauss-kahn's
11:33 am
wealth in a reported telephone call to a friend in jail. she denies that claim. there is a new warning this morning about potential terror attacks on airplanes. the warning says terror groups are going to great lengths to beat airport security including using surgically implanted bombs. craig melvin has the story. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they have intercepted intelligence indicating al-qaeda terrorists may surgically implant explosives. >> we see this as the evolution of how they can try to defeat us to get around the security we have now. >> reporter: a cell phone could be used to set off a bomb. under another scenario, the terrorist would inject a chemical detonator to a part of the body. transportation safety officials say the full body scanner rs not designed to detect devices under the skin.
11:34 am
they're promising more pat-downs, more questioning of fliers and more checks for traces of explosive chemicals. meanwhile, people returning wednesday night from overseas had not heard of the newest threat and were not overly concerned. >> i don't know what we can do. it's not like we can stop traveling and let it paralyze us in fear either. >> speaking as a physician, that's sounds difficult, but hey, who am i to argue? it seems unlikely, honestly. >> reporter: a former homeland security official admits such an attack would be tough. >> we don't know how the attack would react in the body and what effect it would have on the individual in the body. not a lot of testing you can do in advance. new today, take a look at this video out of wheaten, maryland. the driver of this car crashed into samantha's diner and
11:35 am
bakery, leaving behind a huge hole. the driver was taken to the hospital. we are still waiting to find out what may have led to that crash. flip-flops and sannals are apparently the reason a few escalators stopped working. maintenance workers say they found all kinds of items stuck in step, which caused the need for repairs and create an incon venus for riders they found the shoes this week. right now, more than 100 of metro's escalators are not working. metro's board of directors is getting a detailed report on repair today. metro's ward is also hearing suggestions for simpler names for some stations. one example, the civil war memorial station. instead, it might become u
11:36 am
streetcardoza. the smithsonian might get national mall added to its name to make it more familiar. the agency is expected to shoot down the idea of selling naming rights to metro stations. let's check in with tom again. >> the midday sun is beginning to heat us up and we've got the thick summer haze over northeast washington off in the distance and the horizon, this is a live picture from our sky watcher camera and there's the national cathedral. you can barely make out the washington monument in the distance. now, we're looking to arlington. you can see the thick summer haze there as well. now, to fairfax county off the horizon. can't even hardly see tyson's corner there. into loudoun, they, too, have hazy, milky blue sky and into montgomery county, the
11:37 am
high-rises of chevy chase and bethesda. temperatures are in the 80s to near 90 degrees. we'll be hitting 90 in probably another hour and by mid afternoon with the hazy sunshine, we ought to be mitting the mid-90s. a stalled front will likely trigger some afternoon, evening thunderstorms and into tomorrow night, some passing showers and thunder and some of the heavier downpours might cause brief, localized flooding and less humid for saturday and sunday. then a break from the humidity midweek next week. pat? >> thank you, tom. the running of the bulls is underway in spain. thousands of thrill seekers ran ahead of 12 bulls through the cobblestone streets of pamplona. four people were taken to the hospital. the festival lasts for eight more days. police in yellow stone national park say most attractions are open today after
11:38 am
a bear attacked a couple, killing one and injuring another. it happened yesterday morning as a husband and wife were hiking in the eastern part of the park. george lewis has more now. >> reporter: rangers are warning people if they see a grizzly, to keep their distance, travel in groups and along country trails to carry pepper spray to ward off the animals. it occurred near canyon village. the man and his wife were hiking when they spotted the braer and began to back away. >> they then saw the bear was coming at them. the husband told the wife she should run. the bear attacked the man and he was fatally injured. >> reporter: the area of the attack has been placed off limits for now. rangers say they believe the bear was a female, defending her cubs. if the investigation shows that was the case, the bear and her cubs will be left alone.
11:39 am
park officials have not released the names of the couple. after the bear mauled the man, the animal went after his wife, who was lying down, playing dead. >> she was wearing a backpack of sorts. a day pack. and the bear grabbed her in some fashion, lifted her up off the ground and dropped her. and then ran off. >> reporter: the grizzly population in and around yellow stone has grown in recent years to more than 600, so bear sightings are more frequent and visitors are being cautioned to be extra vigilant. >> we had a planned hike. we get the information from the ranger first. safest place be to approach it that way. specific campground, but i definitely would hike with one or two other people. >> reporter: yellow stone is a popular place. bear attacks are still rare, and experts say one of the safest
11:40 am
bets is to stay with the crowds as a bears tend to shy away from large groups of people. >> that was nbc's george lewis reporting. while park rangers do believe this was a case of a mother bear protecting her cubs, they are still investigating a possibility that it might have been an unprovoked attack. still ahead, planning a trip? well, we'll tell you how to get a great deal on air fare right now, as low as $39. and the final harry potter movie premiers. we'll show what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you want a firm bed you can lay on one of those, if you want a soft bed you can lay on one of those."
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now may be a time to book a summer get away thanks to southwest airlines. they are holding a $59 flight sale and some are lower than that. none apply to flights out of dulles international, but great deals out of marshall airport. you can find a flight from baltimore to norfolk for $39. the deals are available through negs thursday, july 14th and travel has to take place between august 23rd and december 14th. a new iphone could be on the way. "the wall street journal" reports apple has placed ordered with key vendors for the next model of the phone. some suppliers say the iphone 5 could be a thinner and lighter version.
11:44 am
they also say it will have an 8 megapixel camera. another vendor says the company plans to sell 25 million units by the end of the year. the new phone should be out in the third quarter of the year. k now skype with your friends on facebook. the founder of the social media network made the so-called awesome announcement yesterday. simplifying this concept and introducing it into the social network arena could give facebook and skype a major boost. you can try it now by going to facebook. fewer applied for unemployment benefits last wk. let's check in with hampton piercen and the rest of the business news of this day. >> as a matter of fact, we've had markets trading in positive territory from the opening bell after some good news about jobs. the dow's up about 78 points, the nasdaq up 33, the s&p up 11.
11:45 am
first time unemployment claims dropped last week ahead of the jobs report, weekly jobless claims falling by 14,000 to 418,000 on a seasonally adjusted basis. the lowest level in two months and the number of private sector jobs increased by 157,000. that was more than double analyst' forecast. the headline forecast for tomorrow's labor department report is a gain of 108,000 payroll jobs with the unemployment rate holding steady at 9.1%, but today's number has -- more good news from retailers. target, limited brands and others are reporting stronger sales in june joining the party, kohl's. up nearly a 5% in early trading after retail sales increasing more than double. in the midwest and northeast, pushing customers to shop for
11:46 am
summer clothing. trading due in part to the fourth of july holiday, but some are on the sidelines in advance of tomorrow's report and the new data about more jobs here in the u.s. is having a positive impact on european markets today. pat? >> thanks. when we met today's wednesday's children a year and a half ago, we knew there was something special about them and so did someone else. the man who ended up adopting them. barbara harrison has the story. >> meet the hall family. jasmine, malik, di meet russ and dad, anthony hall. >> the whole family! >> hi. >> good to see you. my goodness. remember the last time we were here? >> yes. >> remember what we did? >> yes. >> we were playing video games. >> the last time we were here, they were our wednesday's children cht a sibling group hope tog find a loving family to
11:47 am
embrace them all in a forever home. a year and a half later, we're back and this time, with their brand new dad, who they are thrilled to have. and they loved hearing him introduce them as -- >> my children. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> in the past, anthony hall had been temporariry foster care for more than 50 kids. he'd adopted one, who's now grown up, then got this call. >> and they said, these are younger males, work with older teenagers and i was open to the new idea of working with younger young men. and two days later, they called me and said, there's one more sibling, a girl. i had fostered over 52 boys and never had a girl, but it's the best thing ever for me. >> within days of their arrival, anthony knew these kids were there to stay. >> when they first came in,
11:48 am
malik used to follow me all through the house. wouldn't let me out of his eyesight and the second day, di meets asked if it was okay to call me daddy. from then on, we have been living as one happy family. >> the smiles tell the story. >> like to have fun. >> these days, the kids still like to play wii games just as we did the first time we met, but now, daddy's there. he's a dad with his hands full and loving every minute of it. barbara harrison, news 4, for wednesday's child. >> great story there and if you have room in your home and your heart to adopt a child, call our hot line -- or you can go to our website at time is 11:48. coming up, why you should not mail in the proposal. plus, tom will be back with a latest on some heavy rain
11:49 am
headed our way.
11:50 am
11:51 am
we have breaking news to report on the release of casey anthony. just minutes ago, a court official announced that casey anthony will be released from jail next wednesday. a judge sentenced her to four years in jail for lying to investigators, but anthony is
11:52 am
getting credit for time already serve. a jury acquitted anthony in the charges in death of her daughter, caylee. again, casey anthony will be out next week. guys, here's a little advice if you're thinking about proposing to your girlfriend. first of all, make sure she's going to say yes. secondly, do it in person. the dallas cowboys roy williams can attest to that. he put a $76,000 engagement ring in the mail along with a recorded proposal. well, first, his girlfriend shot the proposal down. then she decided to keep the ring. he decided to sue to get the ring back. his now exgirlfriend's father who somehow wound up in possession says he'll give it back. what a mess. if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. the nates michael morse sprinted home from third during a pitch that was supposed to be a squeeze play, but the batter,
11:53 am
wilson ramos, didn't know the skeez was on. he swung and fouled the ball. luckily, missing the charging morse, but the nats weren't ready to give up. they tried again and this time, executed it perfectly. morse scored what turned out to be the game winning run. the nats beat chicago 5-4. the wait is over for some lucky harry potter fans. right now, the world premier of deathly hallows part two is underway in london. they have camped out since monday for a chance to see their favorite stars on the red carpet. even the square itself is bewitched for the epic battle for the wizarding world. but nothing could keep those harry potter fans away. >> been here about 72 hours. we've been counting down somewhere. and i'm sunburned from monday and tuesday when it was really hot and now, i'm soaked from when it rained last night, so
11:54 am
english weather. >> the enchanted red carpet stretches nearly three quarter of a mile, making it the longest in the world. this is the eighth movie and the final movie in the harry potter series. prince william and princess catherine, visiting the western city of calgary, then off to sunny l.a. where they're getting a hollywood welcome. >> reporter: as they got one step closer to california, they said good-bye to the northwest territories. these rangers seen loading the duchess's now famous wardrobe has caught eyes every step of the way. among these seeing them off, 6-year-old riley, who's always wanted to fly helicopters and i dollizes the prince. it was supposed to be a day off, a chance for a little royal r
11:55 am
and r, but the duke and duchess added another stop. >> everybody's spirits are lifted. no one's worried about their houses, about other things. right now, it's will and kate. >> reporter: while the destination is guarded, it's highly speculated the newlyweds would escape here near the canadian rockies near jasper. as william and kate took time to wind down, the city of calgary is gearing up. of course, we know the young royals are accustomed to a horse or two, but today, they'll saddle up for the famed cal dpary stampede. here, they like to say some of the best cowboys are cowgirls. what do you wear for a royal rodeo? >> a nicer cowgirl dress with classier boots. >> reporter: the future king and
11:56 am
clean better clean up quickly. an a list hollywood crowd is waiting. nicole kidman, tom hanks all expected to welcome the royals. let's take a look at some of the stories we're following this afternoon. we'll have a reaction to the casey anthony sentencing. also ahead, tourist managing to survive 20 days lost with no food. her survival story coming up. and at 5:00, delivering a baby without drugs. how women are having natural births in a hospital setting. and tom has a final look at our weather today. >> it's heating up now, pat. we're pushing 90 degrees and there is that hot summer sky over washington. midday. temperatures are beginning to soar. radar scanning that sky. no storms yet. however, late this afternoon as
11:57 am
a front stalled over the region will be around our area close enough to give us a passing thunderstorm and then this evening, could xwet some heavier downpours from some of the isolated storms. enough brief, heavy rain to cause localized flooding. tomorrow, cooler, cloudy, maybe a morning shower. perhaps a midday shower and those could be briefly heavy at times as well. maybe with a little thunder and lightening. by saturday morning, we still might have a lingering shower south and east of washington, but most areas should be drying out in time for the weekend. on saturday looks to be sunny afternoon after clouds in the morning, highs reaching the upper 80s and a bit less humid. not too humid on sunday either. more sun. highs near 90 and then as we get into monday and tuesday, humidity returns for a couple of days. maybe hit the low 90s on monday afternoon and on tuesday, could get some storms as some dry air begins to push back in.
11:58 am
looks like it's going to be more comfortable midweek as lower temperatures move in. that's the way it looks. >> thanks, tom. and that's "news 4 midday." thank you for joining us. come back and join us us at 4:00. until then, have a great thursday. we'll see you later.
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